Fill Your Flasks

Norwescon is NEXT WEEK.

I have been spending so much of my time lately training dogs (mostly puppies) that I wonder if I am even capable of explaining writing things to humans anymore, or if at some point during the weekend I will pull out a baggie full of string cheese bits and try to lure my co-panelists into a down. Or hey, maybe I’ll benefit from a discourse more complicated than “get that out of your mouth.” (Although this topic may come up during the parties.)

Here is my schedule, not including the critique workshops.


6pm Writing to Market 
you aren’t here to just amuse yourself are you
1pm Horror’s Role in Perpetuating Fear of the Other
vaginas are scary
10am The Fine Art of Description
why I hate lovecraft
2pm The Fear of God(s)
we are all shiva ok

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