The Tyger

Tonight Arctodus would exist in its truest, purest form. Seeing the bear without distractions, without having to share it—anything might happen. Jules wasn’t sure if he was brave enough to do it. "The Tyger" is out at for your reading delight. I really loved writing this story and I'm thrilled that Ellen Datlow bought it!


Bast and Her Young

The Spirit of Kingship would greet her, would whisper to her the secrets of pharaohs past, and she would be imbued with the all wisdom of her god-king-father. At least, she thought that’s how it was supposed work. You can read my story "Bast and Her Young" at Beneath Ceaseless Skies Magazine!

Strange Comfort

Lack of imagination hadn’t been a disability in the past. Imagining shit was other peoples’ jobs, makers and rich kids with degrees, people who sat around coming up with fucked-up worst-case scenarios.  My story "Strange Comfort"is out today at Clarkesworld Magazine.


The crabmen are out walking their puppy again. It's a ball of fluff, unaccustomed to existence; it falls over itself and savages its leash with tiny jaws. The crabmen watch with eyeless curiosity, pincer-faces cocked. A posture of fondness, but it's possible they're considering eating it. Nothing with mandibles like that should be given benefit …

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Good Dog

"The Work of Wolves" (Asimov's, July/August 2019) has been trucking along nicely--lots of extremely kind reader feedback and a great reviews. The Locus Recommended Reading List is out this morning, and "The Work of Wolves" is up there for recommended novellas. I'm on an awards longlist! Life goal achieved! I'm not gloating, you're gloating! Here …

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