On the Farm

On July 13, 2020 my partner Chris and I had our offer accepted on a 20-acre potential-to-become-a-farm in Carnation, WA, about 50 minutes away from our house in Seattle. That same day, waaaaay off in Buffalo, NY, a litter of puppies was born.

Peachthief came to live with us a week before we got the keys to the farm. Until this past fall I had never sat on a tractor, dug a fence post, or accidentally impaled a hiding rodent on a pitchfork. It’s been a busy few months.

Below are photographic excuses for why I have written very little since September 6, 2020. Fortunately, I still have some stories in revision or waiting for publication so I won’t look like a complete slacker.

Please take careful note of Peachthief’s ear progression.

And some obligatory adorable images of my beloved nerds:

Vesper, Doberman/German shepherd/border collie mix, born 2012
Reckless, Australian koolie, born 2015
Peachthief, Australian koolie, born 2020


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