Evolution, Process

In the past few months I have been perfecting the skill of Writing Anyways. This is something I thought I had already honed, but apparently not; perhaps it is a skill that you’re never completely done learning, like being kind, or not eating the entire pizza. One year ago I quit my real job. “Real” meaning I got …

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Portrait of My Lover as a Zebra

Portrait of My Lover as a Zebra Tegan Moore   O grant me, Lord, one night beside a zebra, one perfect sandy night  beside a zebra that lets me rest my head against its neck.                                         -Selima Hill   While Jim is upstairs she decides, what the hell, she’ll try it. She has heard they …

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More Firsts

One: My Asimov’s story, “Epitome,” which was my first sale (by about two days), was not only reviewed in this month’s Locus but selected as a recommended story. It’s been a weird, intense, rewarding-but-rough stretch lately and I can’t overemphasize how good this feels. Similarly, I’ve received a couple notes via social media from strangers, or friends of friends, …

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When Someone You Love Hurts You and You Love Them Anyway

I have the worst dog. This is not unqualified hyperbole, either. I am a dog trainer, by hobby at least, and I’m not terrible at it. Vesper is the kind of dog… okay, there have been a couple times where professional trainers watched me working with her and said, “yeah, I couldn’t do that.” By which …

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If Vivian dies before I tell her I’m in love with her, will I regret that more than telling her I’m in love with her? Because I don’t know what happens to me if I say it out loud. Even if she can’t hear me. “Epitome,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, September 2016