More Firsts

One: My Asimov’s story, “Epitome,” which was my first sale (by about two days), was not only reviewed in this month’s Locus but selected as a recommended story.

It’s been a weird, intense, rewarding-but-rough stretch lately and I can’t overemphasize how good this feels. Similarly, I’ve received a couple notes via social media from strangers, or friends of friends, saying that they read the story and liked it–liked it enough to find me on social media apparently!–and holy hell, that can keep a new writer going for days.

Two: I have been invited to Norwescon 40 as a pro. I’ll be giving feedback in the writer’s workshop and participating on panels, and I’m pretty psyched, and also a tiny bit nervous since I’ve never done it before. I’m pretty good with crowds so I’m not THAT worried… mostly worried that I won’t shut up.

Oh, also, I quit my job and started training dogs professionally. And yesterday I found an extra shrimp in my fish tank! I thought they’d all died but one! But now there are two! Everything’s coming up roses!


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