Week Three is Done

Week Three Instructor: Tobias Buckell

Week Three Instructor’s Superpower: Plot & structure analysis, holy wowzers. The man is a story machine. Also, he’s very good at watching drunk people be drunk.

Photo-on-7-12-15-at-1.44-PMUnexpected Week Three Discoveries: I can still write a story in a week even if my brain is all, “don’t write a story this week.”

Week Three Story Wordcount, Current: 3400 out of a likely 5500, but I am not worried. Yet.

Week Three Story Title: I HAVEN’T GOTTEN THIS FAR

Week Three Bummer: Connie Willis, who was supposed to be our week four instructor, fell and is in the hospital. We have a replacement teacher who is, I am certain, totally great, but is still not Connie Willis.

Week Three Highlight: The spontaneous Friday post-party party that lasted until way past when everyone was too drunk. Definitely saw the inside of everyone’s souls this week.

Runner-up to that is getting the next 1/3 of my crow tattoo finished. I like how this is bookending the workshop; I’m scheduled for my last appointment on the day I move out of the CW house.


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