Week Two is Done

Week Two Instructor: Eileen Gunn

Week Two Instructor’s Most Surprising Non-ironic Quote: “Oh, but that was back when I was in that biker gang.”

Unexpected Week Two Discoveries: I can actually survive quite happily on four hours of sleep and very little food if these are tempered by extremely high-quality company and lots and lots of beer

Photo-on-7-5-15-at-11.53-AMWeek Two Story Wordcount, Current: 6,200, drafted but unedited

Week Two Story Title: Feather by Feather (working title)

Week Two Bummer: We have all made a lot of plans to do things but because of the heat nobody’s been motivated to leave the house much

Week Two Highlight: Actually sleeping through the night last night, thanks to earplugs and juuuust a little bit of dog xanax


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