Banana of Merit

Yesterday during the Locus Awards Liza Trombi and Connie Willis awarded me the Second Banana for Meritorious Service. It actually made me cry. (Connie: "You are crying over a plastic. Banana.") Helping with the Locus Awards doesn't feel like any kind work. I get to drive Connie around and help Liza (who is one of …

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A Forest, or A Tree

  “We should tell scary stories,” Elizabeth said. “No we should not.” Piper lay next to the fire, head on her pack. “We definitely should not do that.” Read my first real horror story (bought by Ellen Datlow!!) here.  

Norwescon 2018: This Time I Swear I’ll Stay Up Past 9

UPDATE! I'm on two additional panels now. Comedy! Horror! Writing mechanics! It's my life, except my real life also has a lot of dog hair in it too! I'll spend the majority of Norwescon volunteering with the Fairwood Writers' Workshop, but I'm making a few other appearances as well. Thursday The Moral of the Story: …

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Portrait of My Lover as a Zebra

Portrait of My Lover as a Zebra Tegan Moore   O grant me, Lord, one night beside a zebra, one perfect sandy night  beside a zebra that lets me rest my head against its neck.                                         -Selima Hill   While Jim is upstairs she decides, what the hell, she’ll try it. She has heard they …

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